Bespoke Wedding Rings

Personalised Wedding Rings 

You can personalise your wedding ring by having stones, diamonds etc set into it. 

The shape most suited to having stones set in is the Court shape in a heavy weight and the Flat Court shape in a heavy weight. You will need the weight to take the depth of the stones.

Also available is the ability to put lines around your wedding ring (we call these tram lines) this is quite popular with men usually having 2 lines on a court shape. It personalises the ring and also makes any wear less noticeable.

If you see something that catches your eye but it's not exactly what you want, then please speak to us, as we are working Jewellers and all our wedding rings are made specifically to order, we can accomodate whatever you desire. After all, it's your special day, let us help you make it so. 

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